Fresno County Thrive Directory

About Fresno County Thrive Directory

The owners of the Fresno County Thrive Directory are small business owners just like you. The Directory was created with your needs and interests in mind, and the realities of doing business in the Covid era.

We’re Small Business Owners, Just Like You

Probably just like you, we’ve placed our business in multiple directories in the past, yet they never really sent any more traffic to our site. In contrast, at Thrive, we’ve created a system that pulls your information, including reviews, together so most of the “heavy lifting” is done for you.

In fact, as digital marketers and web developers, we’re experts in many of the fields involved in lead generation, including:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO);
  • Search engine marketing (SEM);
  • Social media marketing;
  • Reputation management; and
  • Website design and development.

As business growth consultants, we work mainly with small and medium-sized businesses (SME), and are certified in ADA/WCAG compliance (i.e. making websites accessible by the disabled).

Explore the three options here. (Link to Pricing/Packages Page)

 Why Advertise on the Thrive Platform?

Many small business owners can’t afford (or do not want to pay for) an agency to manage their marketing. Yet, they still want and need to raise awareness of their business ~ and increase their sales. Thrive understands those challenges, and as marketers, we wanted to expand the marketing options available for local Fresno County business owners.

So, What’s In It For You?

Here’s how our Thrive Directory is a better than business directories you’ve seen before:

  • Our AI algorithm imports all of your basic information to list your business, including a graphic if you have one. There is no manual typing on your part.
  • We offer 3 listing types, dependent upon the information you want to show. All three Packages are affordable. For example, our Top Tier business listing breaks down to only $16.00 per month.

Explore the three options here.

  • All Thrive listings are automatically indexed in all of the search engines, not just on the Thrive website. Likewise, all listings have SEO built in to provide better rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). All graphics are optimized, including alt tags.
  • There are no predetermined business categories. If you do not find a category that fits your business, no problem! Just let us know and we’ll add it and optimize it for your niche.
  • Need changes to your listing? Just let us know and we’ll promptly take care of it for you. We actually encourage updates, so unlike the big directories (Yelp, Urban Spoon, GMB, etc.), your information stays relevant longer.
  • Have an event coming up? We’ve integrated a Santa Clarita Valley Events Section on the Thrive Directory. It’s hyper-locally optimized and syndicated ~ to provide more promotion for your business.

Explore the three options here.

Lastly, because we are digital marketers, our experienced staff of writers and developers are available to help you with other services you may need, such as social media, website development, and digital advertising.

Building A Strong Online Presence Amid Covid

It’s no doubt that we’re all going through unprecedented times right now.

In today’s world, building a strong online presence is more important than ever before. With the move to doing everything online, many small business owners are looking for new ways to get their name and products out there.

We’re here to help you manage this transition and help your business thrive no matter what the future holds. As small business owners, we gotta stick together!

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Fresno County Thrive is a Business Directory Specifically Dedicated to Small Businesses in the Fresno County Valley

For more information on Fresno County Valley Thrive listings, advertising on this site, or the additional services we can offer Small Local Businesses in Fresno County, please contact us today!